Working for Parkway Motors Hamilton is an exciting career thanks to the breadth of available positions, the ability to grow across the company, and the ease with which many of your skills may be transferable even if you don't have dealership experience. We’re certain that you have many strengths that would do well here at any of our dealerships, particularly if you love helping customers, are committed to hard work, are tech savvy and enjoy being part of a collaborative team. Read on to learn why working at Parkway Motors Hamilton is such a plus for your personal and professional life, explore your potential career paths and browse our current job openings available to you.

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We Build Relationships

Parkway Motors Hamilton takes pride in servicing the Greater Hamilton area with their Toyota and Nissan needs for over 40 years through our Red Hill Toyota, Upper James Toyota and Parkway Nissan of Stoney Creek dealerships. We believe in fostering a strong workplace culture built on the foundation of being safe, fun and creative, no matter the department you work in. With every vehicle sold, every automobile serviced, every customer interaction and every new hire brought onboard – we strive to create outstanding and long-lasting relationships.

We Invest in Our Team Members

The core of the people who work at Parkway Motors Hamilton isn’t their automotive experience but rather their values that foster a collaborative team environment. If you love providing excellent customer service and developing helpful relationships with customers, all bred through your hard work and commitment to a team, we want to meet you! We value the time you give to us, and that’s why we invest our time in you to create a solid ground to build your career from here at Parkway Motors Hamilton, all the while looking to better yourself while maintaining top-level customer service as a top priority. To top this all off, we’re happy to provide you with many training opportunities to help better your ability to help out our team and the customers you serve.

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Happiness Surveys & Wellness Checks

Recently, we started an annual Happiness survey, a list of 20 questions we ask the 150+ employees across our dealerships to get a gauge on how people are doing, and how we are doing. Since establishing this program, all of our stores have rated above average. The top three scores across the company were: Appreciated as a Person, Inclusive Environment and Clear Sense of Purpose.

Our president has also committed to doing wellness checks with each employee on their work anniversary. Doing this has been invaluable in better connecting with our employees, ensuring that they know we have their back, and to further open up lines of communication. Our president and HR manager chat with each person, to hear about their success and anything that may be standing in their way, along with opportunities for training and growth beyond what is provided by their direct manager.

We know that now more than ever people are concerned with rising costs of living, healthcare and potential growth in their position. In response to this we did industry evaluations on both pay plans and benefits to ensure that our team members were being fairly compensated for their work. This led to increased pay plans, added vacation time for long-standing employees and enhanced benefits.

Benefits of Working at
Parkway Motors HaMILTON

We deeply care for our employees, whether it be through the commitment to them day-in-day-out in our welcoming team environment, or our many more tangible benefits, which include:

  • Ability to grow and progress your career path
  • Competition pay plans & benefits packages
  • Healthcare (including dental & long-term disability)
  • State-of-the-art dealerships
  • Air-conditioned shops
  • Industry-recognized training programs
  • Supportive management
  • Purchase program
  • Referral program
  • Happiness Surveys & Wellness Checks That We Act On

Testimonials & Reviews

Here from members of our team on what it’s like to not only work for our Parkway Motors dealerships, but, more importantly, be a member of a family-oriented team that’s passionate and dedicated to providing the best automotive experience & service.

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Current Opportunities

Our dealerships are always looking for high quality talent. Even if we don’t have a job listed that applies to your strengths at the moment, please consider applying anyway. Begin an exciting new career in the automotive industry by forwarding your resume to us.