Service/Parts Opportunities

While we may not always have opportunities available across our full list of job postings at the time, the below breakdowns of our service and parts positions will give you a good idea of what we look for. Even if we don’t have a position available, we encourage you to still apply below so that we may keep you in mind for the future. If you have any further questions about these sales team positions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Car Porter

A Car Porter is in charge of moving and parking vehicles across our lot. They will professionally move and park said vehicles where instructed, as well as keeping track of said inventory, along with a number of other duties like cleaning and organization that ensures the dealership lot stays clean.


Detailers are here to make your car, truck or SUV look better than ever. This position cleans, details and reconditions vehicles, whether it be yours that you brought in, or one that’s just been sold. They will be experts in knowing the exact products and processes to use on each vehicle’s interior and exterior to get them looking their best. This is an important position in ensuring customers are satisfied with their vehicle.

Service Advisor

A Service Advisor deals with customers who are wanting to get their vehicle services at the dealership. They act as a go-between from the service technicians who do the job and the customer to ensure that all of the services and prices are explained accurately. This job sees many duties, including answering questions, booking appointments and helping customers find the right service needs for their vehicle.

Assistant Service Manager

The Assistant Service Manager plays a vital role in overseeing the service department’s day-to-day operations, supporting the Service/Fixed Operations Manager in maintaining high standards of efficiency and profitability. This essential position involves collaborating closely with departmental managers and team members to ensure a harmonious and productive functioning of the service division.

Service/Fixed Operations Manager

The Service/Fixed Operations Manager manages all of the after-sales fixed operations departments, including service, parts and detailing. This manager will ensure that each department is operating both efficiently and profitable for the dealership. The manager will coordinate with all of the individual department managers to ensure a cohesive operation of each department and team member.

Parts Advisor

A Parts Advisor is an expert in every little and big part or component that makes up a vehicle. These specialists will work directly with customers to ensure they get the part they’re looking for, along with estimating costs that may come with said part or installation, as well as coordination with said service department for work to be done. A Parts Specialist plays an important role to sell, order and stock parts, as well as ensuring the customer has a memorable experience, now and into the future.

Assistant Parts Manager

The Assistant Parts Manager will assist in the duties of the Parts Manager, ensuring the department runs as efficiently as possible. This includes management duties of making certain that the Parts Specialists are fully trained and able to answer customer questions, as well as helping to manage stock, pricing, marketing and more.

Parts Manager

The Parts Manager is in charge of making sure the parts department runs smoothly and is profitable. They also lead their team of Parts Specialists to ensure that they are trained and knowledgeable across the entire inventory of parts, as well as that the many duties within the department are being done, from inventory management to pricing to advertising and more.

Future Opportunities

Even if you don’t see any current job listings that match your skills and interests, don’t worry. We’re always on the lookout for exceptional talent. Submit your resume and let us know what kind of role you’re interested in. When a position that suits your qualifications opens up, we’ll be in touch with you. Your next career move could be just around the corner. Start the conversation today and be ready for your future with us.


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